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Visualization Platform to Accelerate Automotive & Aerospace Development, Manufacturing and Service

Modern automotive, aeronautical and industrial electronic system complexity has exploded, creating a major problem for development teams and service operations. Engineers and technicians waste hours trying to find critical information on unfamiliar systems, using incomprehensible static documentation or CAD displays. This has a significant impact on product quality, maintenance and schedules.

Concept Engineering, a 31-year pioneer in semiconductor visualization and debug solutions has developed the EEvision™ technology platform to accelerate automotive, aerospace & industrial development, manufacturing and service.

EEvision is an online visualization and debugging solution that easily renders schematics of circuits, wiring harnesses and component attributes specific to individual development and maintenance situations. Taking original CAD data or proprietary data as input, schematics are automatically rendered and explored on-the-fly, allowing complex systems to be easily and quickly understood. Google-style live search features allow for precise information to be extracted from huge data files and displayed in an easy-to-understand fashion.

Unlike development CAD systems and paper maintenance manuals, incremental schematics reduce the clutter of unnecessary detail, while highlighting key data to significantly accelerate development and debug. The views can be modified and transformed as the engineer moves around the system, with important information actually displayed on the schematic, for example, power distribution, component detail, and other nomenclature. The EEvision online live search capability can extract all components from a model database (EDB) associated with specific vehicle functions, e.g. "interior lighting," to create and display a complete schematic diagram on-the-fly.

For Development

Today, it is hard for development engineers to access and understand unfamiliar sections of an electronic system. Reliable detail, obtained from a fast search, enables the fast design and debug of issues. The ability to quickly dial up specific views, easily inspect them for causal affects, and then link to the next debug view is critical to the smooth diagnosis of problems. This, in turn, leads to faster development and the elimination of problems in the final product.

For Manufacturing and Service

Technicians must often deal with static schematic diagrams and pages of paper manuals covering many product variants. The ability to quickly render a problem area schematic, based on variant specific car numbers (VIN) or diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) represents a leap forward in manufacturing and service efficiency. As technicians deal with ever more complex electronic systems, manufacturing and service time has become a major cost differentiator.

Supporting Model-Based E/E Development (MBSE)

Abstraction is inevitable in automotive and aerospace design, driven by the rapid technological pace of the environment. Semiconductor industry experience shows that abstraction needs to be tempered with solutions that allow engineers to maintain a connection with the real electronics. This leads to a combined methodology where abstraction is used to describe functionality, while smart automated circuit visualization provides easy system analysis and debug.

Product Options

EEvision BASIC Edition

The BASIC edition reads electrical system models and renders them in a customized fashion for dynamic electrical system navigation, inspection, documentation and debug.

EEvision PRO Edition

In addition to the BASIC edition features, EEvision PRO includes a number of additional plugins (Apps).

  • The Modnav plugin allows smart exploration and debug of functions and other grouped components (modules).
  • The Multicore plugin allows easy interactive exploration and analysis of complex multicore structures.
  • The Endcircuit plugin displays schematic information for hierarchical components, and allows to easily see how the top level system connects to lower level system structures.
  • Modedit allows to group components into functions, harness modules, signal modules or other module types and to store the information in the EDB model file.

EEvision ENTERPRISE Plugins

  • The Docgen document generator automatically generates PDF and HTML documents for the entire electrical system. The created documents can be customized to contain a selected set of schematics enriched by additional information like technical frame, bill of material (BOM) or weight estimations.
  • Edbdiff compares two EDB model files and reports product changes over time in the GUI Cockpit. As a result engineers can quickly understand, confirm and document product updates/revisions and automate lifecycle management procedures in the organization.
  • The Signoff plugin allows engineering teams to easily check, review and finalize electrical designs across teams and organizations.

Availability & Deployment

The EEvision platform is available for Windows, Linux or as Cloud-based application, delivered over the Internet (or Intranet) using standard web-browsers. This allows easy user access from any network-enabled device and location without complex installation or software licensing.