Visualization Engines for EDA & CAD Tool Development

Concept Engineering's award winning visualization technology is in use in many company's Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools, through our established OEM partnership program. Effective visual rendering involves complex software algorithms and state-of-the-art ergonomic design. Developing this technology to an effective level requires many years of experience and expertise, characteristic of Concept's R&D team.

Our partners have realized that the considerable expense required for them to develop their own versions of these visualization engines is unnecessary, as the technology does not represent a core competency for them. We leverage economies of scale by supplying these hard-to-engineer software components to many partners.

We provide a broad range of graphical display engines that depict circuit detail from the systems level down through design architecture, electronic component, to individual transistor level design. The solution contains graphical place and route, rendering and other algorithms to rapidly generate clear, comprehensible circuit diagrams from in-memory database models, netlists or other circuit descriptions. Our fully supported GUI widgets are easily incorporated into third party environments (EDA & CAD tools or cloud-based applications) and may be simply adjusted to suit the design of those environments using accessible and flexible APIs. Concept's long term agreements with 40 plus partners has allowed them to improve their time to market and reduce their development and maintenance costs.


Nlview The Nlview visualization engine automatically generates and displays easy to read schematic diagrams
T-engine T-engine is an option to Nlview and automatically generates transistor-level schematic diagrams
S-engine S-engine is an option to Nlview and automatically generates system-level schematic diagrams
E-engine Visualization engine for automotive & aerospace applications (development, manufacture and repair)