Smart Electronic System Visualization to Accelerate Automotive and Aerospace Design, Manufacture & Service

Automotive and Aeronautical systems are some of the most complex electrical systems produced today. Modern electronic systems have become the key differentiator in many automobiles and aeronautical systems, and this will continue with the era of battery electric vehicles (BEV), Hybrid-vehicles and autonomous driving. High-reliability electronics have special implications for system development and product servicing. Concept's unique EEvision and E-engine visualization technologies provide significant benefits for these applications.

Concept's technology platform allows CAD data, proprietrary data, or data from MBSE tools to be loaded into a database (EDB) with no manual translation. From this source, visual depictions of circuits, wiring harnesses, components and component attributes may be automatically rendered on-the-fly, thus allowing precise information to be easily and quickly understood.

For development teams, reliable detail on an electrical system enables the fast design and debug of issues. The debug of problems is a notorious resource and time intensive task, and tracking the root cause of design issues is at the heart of debug methodologies. The ability to quickly dial up specific views, easily inspect them for causal affects, and then link to the next debug view is critical to the smooth diagnosis of problems, which in turns leads to faster development and the elimination of problems in the final product.

For service centers who today must often deal with static schematic pages covering many product variants, the ability to quickly render a schematic of a problem area, based on variant specific car numbers (VIN) and problem diagnosis codes (DTC) represents a leap forward in service time and efficiency. As service technicians deal with ever more complex electronic systems, service time and cost has become a major product differentiator, and improvements in this area have a radical effect during the entire product lifetime of automobiles or aerospace systems.


EEvision Ready-to-use and customizable cloud based visualization platform
E-engine Visualization engine/library that let's developers easily create automotive & aerospace applications