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Solutions for Electronic Design Engineers Solutions for Software Developers
Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Tools for Circuit and System Debugging Visualization Engines (Software Libraries) for the Development of Innovative CAD Tools and Cloud Platforms
Digital Design and Verification
Mixed Language Debugger: StarVision PRO
RTL Debugger: RTLvision PRO
Netlist Debugger: GateVision PRO
EDA CAD Tool Development
Visualization Engine for digital EDA tools: Nlview
Visualization Engine for AMS EDA tools: T-engine
Visualization Engine for System-level EDA tools: S-engine
Analog/Custom/Mixed Signal Design (AMS)
Mixed Signal Debugger: StarVision PRO
SPICE Debugger: SpiceVision PRO
Transistor-level Debugger: SpiceVision PRO, StarVision PRO
Automotive & Aerospace
Smart Service Tools, Smart Repair Tools: E-engine, EDB
Logical Connectivity Visualization: E-engine
Physical Harness Connectivity Visualization: E-engine
E/E Architecture Visualization: E-engine
E/E Architecture Definition: S-engine, E-engine
System On Chip / Semiconductor IP
SoC Debugger: StarVision PRO
IP Debugger: StarVision PRO
System On Chip / NoC / IP Assembly
Visualization of SoC/NoC Connectivity: S-engine
Definition of SoC/NoC Architecture: S-engine
Physical Verification
Post-Layout Netlist Debugger: StarVision PRO, SpiceVision PRO
Web (cloud) based Services/Tools
Browser based Visualization: Nlview, JavaScript
FPGA Development
RTL Debugger: RTLvision PRO
Netlist Debugger: GateVision PRO
Transportation / Industrial Systems
Smart Repair Solutions: E-engine, EDB
Smart Service Solutions: E-engine, EDB
Test Automation
Design/Netlist Visualization: StarVision PRO, GateVision PRO, SpiceVision PRO, RTLvision PRO
Test Automation
Visualization of designs/circuits incl. annotation of test results/status: Nlview, S-engine, T-engine, E-engine