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Products of Concept Engineering

The Vision Tools

Our debugging and visualization software tools help electronic design engineers to easily understand, debug, optimize and document electronic designs (IC, SoC, FPGA). StarVision, RTLvision, GateVision and SpiceVision are customizable and scriptable debugging tools for electronic design engineers. They all include our Nlview technology for schematic generation and navigation.

For a free tool evaluation, please register with the "Register" button to get a login-name and password for the download and a temporary FLEXnet license key from us or our representatives. All Vision tools are available for these Platforms.

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RTLvision® is a RTL Debugger that reads Verilog, VHDL, and SystemVerilog as well as Liberty. It elaborates the given RTL and displays schematic diagrams, optimized for human readability.

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GateVision® is a gate-level Debugger that reads post-synthesized Verilog or EDIF netlists, or LEF/DEF and displays them as schematic diagrams.

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SpiceVision® is a transistor-level Debugger that reads almost any Spice netlist (like HSpice, Eldo, Spectre, CDL or Calibre) and the post-layout parasitic formats DSPF and SPEF. It uses Nlview's T-engine to create transistor-level schematic diagrams.

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StarVision® is a Mixed-Signal Debugger that reads RTL, gate-level, SPICE-level and AMS all together (it is a merger of RTLvision, GateVision and SpiceVision).


The Nlview Software Component

Our automatic schematic generation, navigation and viewing technology is available as Nlview software component for EDA tool developers. For an evaluation, please directly contact us or our representatives. Nlview is available for these Platforms.

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Nlview™ automatically generates custom schematic diagrams. The Nlview Widgets are available for many GUI platforms including: Qt, Java, wxWidgets, Tcl/TK, Perl/TK, MFC and JavaScript (runs inside modern Web browsers) and a GUI-less version. Please check out our JavaScript Live Demo (requires customer login).

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T-engine™ is an option to Nlview for creating transistor-level schematic diagrams. It is combinable with all GUI platforms (listed above). Please check out our online SVG Demo that creates SVG files with T-engine.

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S-engine™ is an option to Nlview for creating system-level schematic diagrams. It is combinable with all GUI platforms (listed above). It includes features that help building a block level schematic editor based on Nlview.

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E-engine™ is an option to Nlview that allows automatic generation of E/E architecture schematic diagrams for automotive and aerospace tools and service applications.