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Concept Engineering Adds 64-Bit Support To SpiceVision® PRO To Accelerate Debug And Analysis Of Complex Digital, Mixed-Signal, And Analog ICs

SpiceVision PRO allows transistor-level analysis and navigation of largest, most complex designs

FREIBURG, Germany – June 1, 2004 – Concept Engineering today announced the release of SpiceVision PRO 2.4, its industry-standard interactive visualization tool for chip designers who need to debug and analyze SPICE circuits and models. Version 2.4 supports the latest 64-bit chips and CPUs from:

  • AMD Opteron, AMD Athlon 64 on Linux
  • Intel Itanium 2 on Linux
  • IBM POWER4+ processors on AIX
  • Sun UltraSPARC processors on Solaris

"Support for multiple 64-bit platforms allows our customers to handle increasingly complex design verification requirements at the transistor level," said Gerhard Angst, president and CEO of Concept Engineering. "Designers of microprocessor, memory, automotive, telecom, and consumer electronics ICs use this latest version of SpiceVision PRO to get their designs to market more quickly and efficiently."

SpiceVision PRO 2.4 delivers higher performance and increased capacity, enabling customers to tackle much larger and more complex designs, better understand transistor-level structures, and debug at the full chip, block and IP level.

SpiceVision PRO produces clean, easy-to-read transistor-level schematics and circuit fragments from complex SPICE descriptions. The circuit fragment views can be stored as a separate SPICE netlist file and transferred to a simulator. This partial simulation runs faster than full circuit simulation, reducing design and debug time at the SPICE netlist level.

SpiceVision PRO takes SPICE descriptions and provides intuitive design navigation, schematic views, and design documentation. An application program interface (API) allows access to the internal database and graphical user interface (GUI), using the TCL scripting language customers can analyze the design data and generate user-specific design reports and design checks as additional tool functions.

Pricing and Availability

SpiceVision PRO 2.4 is available immediately. North American pricing starts at $10,000.

About Concept Engineering

Concept Engineering, a privately held company based in Freiburg, Germany, was founded in 1990 to develop and market innovative schematic generation and viewing technology for use with logic synthesis, verification, test automation and physical design tools. The company's customers are primarily original equipment EDA tool manufacturers (OEMs), in-house CAD tool developers and semiconductor companies. The company is located at Boetzinger Str. 29, D-79111 Freiburg, Germany. Telephone: +49-761-47094-0, Fax: +49-761-47094-29, www.concept.de


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