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Silicon Navigator Licenses Concept Engineering's Schematic Visualization Software

FREIBURG, Germany – June 4, 2004 – Concept Engineering today announced a worldwide OEM license agreement with Silicon Navigator Corp. to bundle Concept Engineering's NlviewQT Widget, a Qt-based visual debugging software engine, into Silicon Navigator's OpenAccess technology for integrated circuit (IC) timing and placement optimization. Concept's Nlview engine is the industry-standard schematic generation, viewing, and debugging software for electronic design automation (EDA) tool developers who develop graphical user interfaces in C++ and use the Qt GUI development kit.

Silicon Navigator Corp. is the first startup to embrace OpenAccess as its database, and the company is developing components and applications based on OpenAccess. After extensive evaluations, the company selected Concept Engineering as its primary partner for visualization of netlists and timing results using the NlviewQT Widget directly interfaced to the OpenAccess database. Visualization components provide the path to incremental analysis and debug for OpenAccess flows. Silicon Navigator plans to demo the integration at the 41st Design Automation Conference (DAC), San Diego, Calif., June 7-11, in the Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) booth.

"Our visualization technology integrates nicely with OpenAccess as an advanced infrastructure for next-generation designs," said Gerhard Angst, president and CEO of Concept Engineering. "We are pleased that our products helped Silicon Navigator quickly add visual debugging technology into their new products."

Product demonstrations for the Nlview Widget family will be given at DAC in the Concept Engineering booth.

About Nlview Widgets

The Nlview Widget family provides a broad range of components for GUI development – Qt, Java, Tcl/Tk, MFC, and Perl/Tk – for automatic schematic generation, viewing, and debugging at all design levels: transistor, gate, block, register-transfer, and system. Nlview Widgets relieve EDA tool designers of the tedium and productivity loss of having to develop their own schematic generation software by providing a set of robust and flexible software components for automated schematic generation and viewing. By adopting Nlview Widgets, developers can quickly realize GUIs for EDA products with shorter design cycles and lower development and maintenance costs.

About Concept Engineering

Concept Engineering is a privately held company based in Freiburg, Germany, founded in 1990 to develop and market innovative schematic generation and viewing technology for use with logic synthesis, verification, test automation and physical design tools. The company's customers are primarily original equipment EDA tool manufacturers (OEMs), in-house CAD tool developers and semiconductor companies. For more information, see www.concept.de

About Silicon Navigator

Silicon Navigator Corp. is a privately funded company based in Cupertino, California. The company was started by EDA veterans J. George Janac, founder of HLD Systems, who serves as CEO; and James E. Solomon, founder of Cadence Design Systems, who serves as Chairman. The company has not yet announced products but is a member and strong supporter of the OpenAccess coalition, developing components around its database core. For more information, see www.sinavigator.com


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