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Concept Engineering's Schematic Viewing Technology for the Java Platform deployed in new Physical Design System from Magma Design Automation

Powerful schematic viewing features enhance physical design environment for high complexity IC designs

Freiburg, Germany – June 17, 1999 – Concept Engineering, a leading supplier of schematic viewing and schematic generation technology, today announced that Magma Design Automation's new Blast Fusion system incorporates Concept Engineering's schematic viewing technology for the Java platform. The integration will be shown in product demonstrations at the upcoming Design Automation Conference in New Orleans on June 21-25.

"With the incorporation of Concept's schematic visualization capability into our Blast Fusion physical design system, designers gain visibility into the design throughout the entire place and route process," said Rajeev Madhavan, president and CEO of Magma Design Automation. "It gives designers the ability to quickly visualize logic as well as get detailed information about critical paths and timing."

The Nlview Widgets work as GUI building blocks that generate and display schematics from netlists or RTL data. The Widgets can be built into existing EDA tools and designs flows, and have been adopted by companies including Ambit, Design Acceleration, Exemplar, LSI Logic, Logic Vision, and Verysys. The Nlview Widgets are available as a Tcl/Tk Extension for Windows and UNIX platforms, as Microsoft ActiveX Control, as Microsoft MFC Control and as a Java Bean.

"The incorporation of our Viewing Widget into Magma's place and route system represents a major step in market acceptance of our technology," said Gerhard Angst, president and CEO of Concept Engineering. "We're now improving the design viewing environment for synthesis, verification, test automation, and physical design products. With thousands of installed EDA applications making use of the Nlview Widget technology, Concept Engineering clearly sets the industry standard for schematic generation and schematic viewing."

About Magma

Magma Design Automation provides design and implementation software that enables chip designers to shorten the time-to-market for complex integrated circuits used in the communications, computing, consumer electronics, networking and semiconductor industries. Its products, Blast Fusion™ and Blast Chip™, utilize a new methodology for the design of complex multi-million gate chips by combining traditionally separate front-end and back-end design processes into an integrated design flow. This integrated solution reduces timing closure iterations, which accelerates time-to-market for its customers. Magma's proprietary FixedTiming™ methodology and single data model architecture serve as the technical foundation for the Blast Fusion and Blast Chip products. FixedTiming enables Magma's products to optimize for timing performance throughout the flow, predict circuit speed before detailed physical design, and deliver final timing that approximates the predicted circuit speed. The single data model architecture contains and manages the logical and physical data for the chip design, allowing Magma's products to shorten the design cycle and increase the efficiency of the design process. In addition to the design and implementation products, its Blast Noise™ product analyzes and corrects integrated circuits for noise problems that may impact chip performance.
Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., the company maintains sales and support offices in Silicon Valley, Austin, Boston, Germany, Israel, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. Corporate headquarters are at 2 Results Way, Cupertino, Calif., 95014. Visit Magma Design Automation on the web at www.magma-da.com.

About Concept Engineering

Concept Engineering develops, markets and supports software and services that enable commercial EDA vendors, in-house CAD tool developers, and IC designers to generate, display, and customize schematic representations of any electronic circuit netlist (IP blocks, machine-generated structural descriptions, and structural parts of RTL descriptions.
For more information, contact Concept Engineering at +49-761-470940 (phone), +49-761-4709429 (fax), info@concept.de (email) or visit the company's website at www.concept.de. The company is located in Freiburg, Germany.

Nlview is a trademark of Concept Engineering GmbH. Blast Fusion, Blast Chip, Blast Noise and FixedTiming are trademarks of Magma Design Automation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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